Reduce HR & Compliance Risk with ThinkHR from Mineral

ThinkHR’s comprehensive solution brings together content, technology and live advisors to help you manage and mitigate the HR and compliance risks that exist in every organization.


Resource library for HR and risk management featuring content, current regulations and interactive tools.

Live Advisors

HR certified advisors specialized in straight-forward and complex HR topics.


Manage employee training through the comprehensive learning management system.

Living Handbook

Build federal- and state-level compliance handbooks that can be easily updated to reflect changing legislation. Includes options for eSignature and Spanish translation.

Workplace Safety

Employee training and incident documentation tool for reporting.

Workplace Harassment Prevention

Policies and employee training courses that align to state requirements in California, New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Maine.

Anonymous Reporting

Empower employees to anonymously report workplace issues and help leaders to track, respond and take action.

Benefits Document Creator

Document builder for ERISA-mandated WRAP, POP and SPDs.